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Trident Management makes owning an investment property stress-free for landlords. We offer professional landlord services to ensure your property thrives as either a short or long-term investment. We'll do the heavy lifting so you don't have to!

Your property is our priority! Here's what we can do for you.

Tenant Selection

Exceeding Expectations

Trident Management's landlord services include thorough and careful tenant selection. We understand the importance of finding a good tenant who will love your and treat your property as you do, which is why we thoroughly assess each candidate. You can count on us to find reliable and trustworthy renters. We will get the most qualified tenants and manage all tenant relations on your behalf.

Tenant Relations

Personalized Approach

We represent you, the Landlord. We develop and maintain positive relationship on your behalf. A positive experience for your tenants and will mean their stay will be longer and they will take better care of your property better. 

We collect payments, facilitate and fill maintenance requests, and support tenants any way we can.

24/7 Support

Committed to Excellence

We offer 24/7 maintenance support for our landlords and tenants to provide prompt and efficient services. Maintenance needs don't stop on the weekends, and neither do we. Tenants get the support they need when they need it.

Comprehensive Reporting

Exceeding Expectations

You will always know how your property is doing. Our monthly and annual financial reports come come in an easy-to-understand format ensuring you have the most updated information about your property.

If required, we will walk you through each report, which will give us the opportunity to answer all your questions.

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